Paper Cutting Art by Zubin Jhaveri from Scaled Dimenisons


Every snowflake is one of a kind due to its lone journey through the atmosphere all the way to the ground. This paper sculpture is inspired by the formation of snow crystals and the phenomenon of how a journey and experience shapes something.

Through this artwork I have explored the fantasy of what if the snow crystal captured what it witnessed. A memory frozen within its heart that blooms into its structure and colors. Titled 'Supernova' the artwork is a symbolic portrayal of the massive explosion of a dying star. The eruption emits massive amounts of light and matter while the heart of the star burns the brightest.

The artwork is made up of 21 layers of intricately cut paper. Each layer is stacked on top of another adding to its depth. It comes alive under the spell of light, revealing its true dimensional value. You will lose yourself in the art as you decode the geometric complexity and color transitions. You will lose yourself in the art as you decode the geometric complexity and color transitions.Enjoy the 2D illusion from afar or come closer for the 3D experience.

An exquisite artwork that is a genuine gem for your personal space. It is a great gift for house warming or an anniversary. Something that will be cherished for a long time.

• The frames shown in the images are for representational purpose only. The artwork comes unframed.
• If you wish to discuss framing options kindly contact me.
• The artwork size is 12" x 12" x 0.3" (30cm x 30cm x 1cm)
• A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with the artwork.

Care Instructions:
• Avoid keeping the paper artwork in harsh sunlight.
• Avoid keeping the artwork in a damp area.



What Customers Are Saying

"Zubin was extremely helpful and responsive. He went above and beyond to send my package and ensure it came safely. I was very impressed with the final product, the pictures do not do the level of detail justice. This is a beautiful and unique piece, I would definitely recommend!"

-  Katherine (USA)