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Hi! Welcome to Scaled Dimensions!

I am Zubin Jhaveri, the designer of the paper sculptures and DIY kits you see here.
Making paper models had been a big part of my childhood. The fact that paper is so forgiving and versatile, made it my biggest victim for experimentation.
In 2014 I graduated from Sir. J. J. Institute of Applied Arts and set off on a journey, of self discovery and expression though art. All my artworks and models are inspired by personal experiences, passions and perceptions.

Being a lover of cycling heavily reflects in my choice of DIY Kit models. While the 'Kaleidoscope' series of paper sculptures has its roots in my childhood memories of leaving a kaleidoscope undisturbed for days just to stare at its hypnotizing patterns. The 'Zodiac' series of paper art is an outcome of my fascination with how the celestial bodies influence and shape our traits and lives. The latest, 'Crystal Bloom' explores the fantasy of what if snow crystals captured what they witnessed.
And I promise, a lot more is to come...

You can check out my entire portfolio here.
Besides art, I love reading and I am a movie junkie :p
Feel free to contact me here for any inquires or just to say Hi!
Thank you for visiting!


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