I am Zubin Jhaveri, a Mumbai based paper sculptor and designer. After graduating from art college, I set out on a journey of self discovery and expression. Scaled Dimensions was born out of this pursuit of meaning, to make art that breaks the barrier between dimensions and transports the viewer to a mesmerizing space.

As an artist, I love to experiment and keep adding to my skill set. I started with making photo-realistic portraits and scale models then took up designing 3D puzzles and paper sculptures. What they all have in common is intricacy. I have experimented with different mediums over the years but paper remains the mainstay for expressing my views. Paper modeling was a childhood hobby that eventually became a full time passion.

I enjoy taking a forgotten subject and adding my perspective to bring out different facets of it. Exploring a topic from different angles is the reason most of my work is in series. I usually spend a year on a project and strive to make it more intricate and colorful than the last. For the last two years I have been involved in my longest projects yet, namely ‘Spectral Matrix’ and ‘Transcendence’. You can check these out and the rest of my portfolio here.

Feel free to contact me for any inquires and commissioned work.
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