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Every snow crystal is one of a kind due to its lone journey through the atmosphere. These paper cut artworks explore the fantasy of what if the crystals captured what they witnessed and froze the memory within their core. This blooms into its geometric structure and colors.


Remember, as kids, staring endlessly at the mesmerizing patterns in the kaleidoscope? These intricate paper cut sculptures explore that fusion of kaleidoscopic colors and geometry. Artwork that would leave you hypnotized as you try and decode its secrets.

A series of paper art for each of the astrological signs. With colors, design and elements symbolic to that zodiac. A unique birthday gift for a special someone with their birth date laser engraved onto the artwork. Something they would surely cherish for a long, long time.


Unique 3D Puzzles of vintage bicycles & indigenous eco- friendly vehicles. Laser cut to precision, these DIY kits are a fun project for any age. With inter-locking parts that require no glue to assemble. The see through finished models make modern, elegant home decor.

Printable wall art based on geometry and bright colors. Sure to liven up your personal space. Available in different sizes and in high resolution for a perfect, crisp print.
Just Download, Print & Voilà!

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