Portal To Heaven - Paper Sculpture


This paper sculpture is inspired by the intricately carved domes of ancient Indian temples the likes of which are not found today. They were often engraved with nymphs playing musical instruments and dancing in various poses. The scenes inevitably felt like a poem in stone that made the viewer oblivious to all but a feeling of being transported to a dream world.

'PORTAL TO HEAVEN' is my homage to such mesmerizing domes that truly are a portal to divine dimensions.
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1.Intricate Sculpture made with over 350 layers of cut paper.
2.Titled 'Portal To Heaven' it is inspired by temple carvings
4.A closer look showing nymphs dancing and playing different instruments around the center
5.Closer look at the center of the artwork
7.Paper sculpture size is 33' x 33'
12.Making of the individual nymphs
13.Another set of the nymphs, each are unique in design
14.Closer look at the inner most nymphs
15.Making of the center piece
16.Making of dozen of flower elements. The tiniest is just 3mm in diameter
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