Crystal Bloom - Paper Art


These paper sculptures are inspired by the formation of snow crystals and the phenomenon of how a journey and experience shapes something. Every snowflake is one of a kind. This distinctiveness is due to its lone journey through the atmosphere all the way to the ground. Its unique path molds its individuality.

Through these artworks I have explored the fantasy of what if the crystals captured what they witnessed. A memory frozen and etched within its heart that blooms into its structure and colors. The art series CRYSTAL BLOOM captures this blooming within a crystal.

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(Click on the images below to enlarge)

1.Paper sculpture inspired by Scarlet Macaw
Closer look at 25 layers of intricate paper cuts.
3.Abstract paper illustration titled 'Thunderstorm'
4.Closer look at 'Thunderstorm'
5.Paper Art Titled Supernova
6.Artistic illustration of a 'Supernova' with 25 layers of paper
7.Geometric Paper Art titled 'Fusion'. Size 12' x 12'
8.Closer look at the fusion of colors and 21 layers of paper cuts
9.Paper Sculpture titled and based on the flower 'Hibiscus'
10.Closer look at intricately cut layers of 'Hibiscus' paper art.
11.'Amethyst' paper art inspired by the wonderful quartz
12.Closer look at 16 layers of intricate geometric paper cuts
13.Paper art titled 'Firefly', size 6' x 6'
14.Paper cut illustration of the Northern Lights titled 'Aurora'
15.Artwork titled 'Flare' for its potrayal of the Solar flares
16.Paper art titled 'Twilight'
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