The Zodiac - Paper Art


THE ZODIAC is a series of paper cut artwork representing each of the astrological signs. The colors, design & subtler elements are all symbolic to each of the zodiac and its traits. Engraved in each design is the constellation and symbol of that zodiac, while the design in the surrounding mesh illustrates its base element (Water, Earth, Fire & Air).

You can get these paper cut artworks in my shop here.

(Click on the images below to enlarge)

1.Aquarius Zodiac Paper cut
2.Closer look at the engraved symbol and constellation
3.Capricorn zodiac geometric paper cut artwork
4.The mesh has the motif of a leaf, symbolic to its Earth element
5.Paper Illustration in shades of blue of the water zodiac Pisces
6.Closer look at the twin fishes with the engraved symbol and constellation.
7.Papercut of the fiery red fire sign Aries.
8.Closer look at layered Aries 'Ram'
9.Paper art of zodiac Taurus
10.Closer look at the 10 layers of intricately cut paper
11.Layered Paper art of Gemini in appropriate playful colors
12.Closer look at Twins made iwith 10 layers of paper
13.Cancer zodiac paper cut art with birth date laser engraved into it
14.The droplet mesh at the back potrayes its water element
15.Paper cut artwork of Leo with violet highligting its royalty
16.Closer look at the lion and its mane
17.Virgo zodiac paper cut artwork
18.A closer look at the virgo lady
19.Paper illustration of the balanced Libra
20.Closer look at the scales and the figure that holds it
21.Paper cut illustration of the mysterious and passionate Scorpio
22.Closer look at the 10 layers that make up the scorpio sign
23.Sagittarius zodiac paper art
24.Closer look at arrow symbol and the constellation
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16.Closer look at the lion and its mane