Kaleidoscope - Paper Art


As kids we all loved looking into a Kaleidoscope and being entranced by the simple glass pieces unfolding into infinite mesmerizing designs. We were often so enchanted with a pattern, we didn't want the inner pieces to move and disturb the design. That is the essence I wanted to capture in my artwork. My goal was to create something so enchanting, you just couldn't move your eyes from it, something that would make you, the viewer, feel fascinated and hypnotized as you try to decode the secrets it holds.

These Paper-cut Artworks are available in my shop 
(Click on the images below to enlarge)

1.Artwork titled 'Nebula' made with 22 layers of paper
2.Center piece of the 'Labyrinth' artwork
3.Side piece of the 'Labyrinth' artwork
4.Close look at the 25 layers of the 'Labyrinth' side piece
5.Comple 3 piece 'Labyrinth' paper sculpture
6.Closer Look at 'Nebula' details
7.Paper art titled 'Frost' with soothing shades of blue
8.Closer look at 'Frost'
9.2 piece artwork of 'Dusk' + 'Dawn'
10.Closer look at the intricate design of 'Dusk'
Artwork titled11. 'Dusk' with 22 layers of cut paper
12.Paper illustration of the rising sun, titled 'Dawn'
13.Artwork titled 'Harmony' with its balance of contrasting colors
14.Artwork titled 'Passion' with 10 layers of paper cuts
15. 'Passion' Paper Art
16.Entire 'Kaleidoscope' paper sculpture series
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