Human Powered Rickshaws - Wooden Sculptures


These wooden sculptures are of human powered rickshaws. Made from over 100 laser cut parts each. They are stained and polished to highlight the fibers in the MDF, enhancing its natural appeal. Designed in the signature 'Barsplit' style that makes the structure see-through.

Hand pulled rickshaws were prominent used in Asia during the 19th century.
Now they were replaced by cycle rickshaws which are faster and easier to ride.
The pedicabs in Philippines are called Padyak and have a cycle alongside the carriage.
In Indonesia & Malaysia pedicabs called Beca/Trishaw consists of a cycle at the back pushing the carriage forward.
In Germany pedicabs are called Velotaxis and are equipped with an assisting electric motor.

(Click on the images below to enlarge)

1.Wooden sculpture of hand pulled rickshaw
3.Indian triycle rickshaw wooden Scuplture made to the scale of 1:10
4.Tricycle rickshaw with front facing carriage
6.Indian tricycle rickshaw with rear facing carriage
8.Wooden model of the Indonesian tricycle
11.Wooden scale model of 'Padyak', an indigenous public transport in Philippines
13.The Padyak consists of a bicycle attached at the side of a carriage.
14.European Velotaxi wooden sculpture made to the scale of 1:10
15.An eco friendly vehicle with a cyclist at the front
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11.Wooden scale model of 'Padyak', an indigenous public transport in Philippines